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Money Medicine: What Is Money?

Money is Trust

Money is Cash

Digits, numbers, bills in your wallet and coins on the ground. It’s also becoming less and less tangible the more technology advances. It’s rare nowadays for most of us to interact with physical cash on a day to day basis (unless it’s part of our job).

Money is Energy

Yes… and? Do any of us really need one. more. person. explaining how money is really just energy?

Many things are energy. You, me, thoughts and feelings and the cord that connects us to everything else in the world, not to mention the laptop and table I’m working on right now. In the same way that money really is cash, this is more a statement of fact than a revelation of nature. Considering that most of us have little to no understanding about how energy moves, grows, manifests or is sustained (even those of us who work in it) I’m not sure how helpful this explanation is on a practical level. Yes, money is energy, and…

Money is Love

I get where this is going; money is a universal energy, it’s expansive, it has energetic form, it’s bigger than how we normally conceptualize it. But I don’t think it is fair to either money or love to equate them to each other.

Love is the closest expression we have to divinity. Some say that Love is divinity defined. So while we may aim for bringing love into our financial life and money relationship, they are not interchangeable. Money at its heart is neutral. Neutral is the last thing that love is.

Money is Freedom

When I ask people what they want from money two-thirds of them tell me they want freedom, but is money defined by what we want from it? Money may open the gateway to freedom but is that what it is?

It puts an awful lot of pressure on a relationship when we confuse what we want from the other being with who they are. Jeff is Jeff, he’s not my happiness, my home, or my completion. Those are things we create together through right relationship with each other, but they do not and never should define him. Besides, not everyone wants freedom from money. Some people want security, opportunity, status or power, or…

Money is Relationship

We are in relationship with money and it brings us into relationship with those around us (employee/employer, client/coach, customer/company). It’s a line, a thread of connection a path down which my energy travels. I worked, invested my time and energy, to get that money and now I give it you – reinvesting that time and energy into you. When deciding whether or not we want to buy something one of the considerations we make (or should be making) is: Are you someone I want to be in relationship with?

Money is Fuel

This is not my phrase, it’s actually how Fabeku Fantumise taught me to think about money.

Money feeds momentum and expansion, it serves all our other relationships. It drives and motivates. It satisfies. It creates. Is potential. It is energy waiting to be combusted, ready to be directed and used up when and how we want to use it. It feeds our vision and fuels the world we are creating for ourselves (and for others).

Money Is

Have you ever noticed that in conversation we have two selves? There’s the myself I refer to when I say, “Oh I did it myself,” or “I need to take better care of myself,” but when you talk about your core self, your spirit, your soul, the depth of who you are, you of course mean your Self and not yourself. Because what you are really talking about is your I Am not the mundane you.

Money has this same double layered nature.

There is, of course, small “m” money that’s the cash in my wallet and the digits in my Paypal account. Most of use rarely have opportunity to find a quarter to be sacred (except when you really need a grocery cart and you have no quarters). But money also has an I Am, a Spirit expression in the world. For me money is not so much energy (though small “m” money is made of energy just like everything else) but is actually a Spirit, a being, a presence and possibly even a personality. Much as there is a Spirit of Love and a Spirit of Bear (who becomes your spirit animal), there is also a Spirit of Money. (That’s why capital “M” Money is my spirit animal.)

And this is why right relationship matters; because you aren’t just in relationship with the bills in your wallet, or the energy that flows according the rules of all energy in movement, but with the actual Spirit of Money who is neither good nor bad, partial nor impartial, kind nor a disciplinarian. It is no more or less than itself and can be no more or less than itself.

So What Is Money ?

How I know, define and work with Money is as a Spirit; as an I Am, as worthy of respect as much as my I Am and your I Am are. How I use and interact with money is as fuel that feeds my fire and results from my fire (wood going in and coal coming out). The other meanings might be interesting, but it’s these two interpretations have proven themselves to be transformational.

Is how you know money transforming your experience and world? Maybe it’s time to get to know it in a new way?


p.s. Forget Winter ~ Summer is coming. Summer of Money, that is. It'll be about money, but really, it will be about so much more than money!

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