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The More Things Change The More They Stay The Same

There are lots of things about us that change; we grow and make decisions, we forgive – or we don’t – our personalities are shaped throughout our lives by both who we are inside and what is happening in our world around us. But some things about us never change, our nature is our nature for life.

How we express our nature (whether we choose the higher or lower octaves of our element) changes (and it’s a darn good thing too) but who we really are stays the same throughout our lives.

As if to prove this truth I got an email from my husband, Wakizashi, last night. It seems that he accidentally came across an old blog of mine – my first blog actually – and found a list I’d made five or more years ago. It’s amazing how many of the things are still true, how many I would put on a similar list today.

I thought it was fascinating enough that I just had to share it. I’ve marked the few things that I wouldn’t put on this list if I was writing it today and noticed that most of those had to involved some kind of labeling of myself, rather than simply being pure statements…

50 Things that Make Me Me

1. I bite (but only when provoked).
2. I collect comic books.  Mostly X-Men books (according to an online chart my husband showed me this makes me a true geek).
3. I was a teen parent.
4. I believe in God – if I absolutely had to classify myself I’d be a Christian.
5. I only use classifications under duress (or broadly for clarification).
6. Some Christians would question my reluctant classification of myself.
7. I don’t mind being controvertial.
8. I love to drive fast.
9. I was over twenty-five before I got my liscence.
10. I am unapologetic (for who I am).
11. I take Martial Arts ( a Japanese form called Koryu Bujitsu).
12. I don’t really like chocolate (or sugar in general).
13. I have a visual spatial learning disability.
14. I can’t have any more kids (I only have one).
15. I love travelling.
16. Trees are my friends.
17. There is almost no art form I’m not willing to try.
18. I’m a great cook – I love trying new recipes.
19. I love birds and own three (two cockatiels and a green cheek conure).
20. I’m addicted to TV and need to be careful how much I watch or I get carried away.
21. I love afternoon/evening and hate mornings.
22. I am impulsive and spontaneous.
23. I am emotionally centered – I care how people feel and love art that shows emotion.
24. I like making lists about myself.
25. I could never be a vegetarian – I like eating meat.
26. Someday I’m going to have a house cleaner.
27. I used to be biligual – English and French –  and love languages.
28. As a kid I was known for my explosive temper.
29. I love the ocean – it’s rhythm soothes me.
30. I’m a fire – passionate and energetic.
31. I love to buy things for other people.
32. Is Starbucks-a-manic a word?
33. I don’t drink coffee.
34. I’m a people watcher and eavesdropper.
35. I love to play, but board games make me grumpy.
36. I’m a bed hog and blanket stealer.
37. I tend to interrupt people without meaning to be rude (I just get excited).
38. The longest I’ve lived in one city is six (seven) years.
39. I hate big cities.
40. I can’t stand rude people.
41. I am a voracious reader and book buyer.
42. I am very morally motivated.
43. I prefer tasks that use my mind and my hands.  I combine tasks when doing routine work to keep myself from getting bored (like talking on the phone while washing dishes).
44. I homeschool.
45. I don’t drink or smoke.  I’ve never done drugs.
46. I can read five or more books at one time.
47. I am forgetful and tend towards disorganization.
48. I am incrediably friendly but am intimidated by big groups of strangers.
49. I love murder mysteries and cop shows because I like the puzzel of solving the crime.
50. I prefer cold KFC (on the rare occasions that I even eat KFC).

I’m also fascinated by how many of these I can easily separate into my own Elemental Nature – in fact #30 is one of the most interesting because I really AM a Fire person, elementally speaking.

Who Are You

What would you put on your list? If you made a list of 50 Truths about you what could you put on that would still be true five years from now? I showed you mine, now show me yours!


p.s. Forget Winter ~ Summer is coming. Summer of Money, that is. It'll be about money, but really, it will be about so much more than money!

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