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It’s All About Money, But Really, It’s About So Much More Than That

When you see me talking, you think I’m talking about money, about dollars and cents and making ends meet and bringing more clients in. I can’t blame you for that. It really does look like I’m talking about money. I mean I keep saying money and harping on money and asking you to think about money (and clients and dollars and cents).

But Really…

It’s about my heart, and my vision, and the things I just can’t shake no matter the twists and turns in my path, those things that I just keep coming back to in deeper and deeper ways.

What It’s Really About is the Things That I am Devoted To.

I am devoted to being free to make our own decisions and to carving our own path.
I actually think this is the whole fucking point. (But that doing it in a way that is compassionate and in connection is the rest of the fucking point.)

I am devoted to expansion. To growth. To personal evolution.
Mine and then yours. This is also the whole fucking point. Life is for living.

I am devoted to reach and to impact and to better.
To what others sell to you as “changing the world” but is really about doing work that matters, mattering and adding meaning to the world in some way. That.

I am devoted to building sustainable businesses. And to actually living our lives.
To not having to live like we’re perpetually on the edge of extinction should we dare to pause for even one moment.

I am devoted to Spirit. To magic. To The Way.
To the Divine and the inexplicable. To the synchronicity and the Sacred. To the One that once it is named we are no longer talking about what we mean and to all the way It manifests.

I am devoted to Money.
And to the Spirits who love and work with it. To Juno and Jupiter. To Hecate and Hermes.

I am devoted to Flow and to Aligned Action.
Because we bring the “Spiritually Mature, Fully Autonomous” adult and Life brings the Flow for us to ride on. That’s the deal.

I am devoted to life as an art form and to each of us as Creators.
Because “art” isn’t music or painting or interior design, it’s your coaching, that moment in the park with your daughter, that idea you’ve been putting off sharing with your clients. Your life is the art and your choices are acts of creativity.

I am devoted to the practical, to the real, to the results.
Because if it isn’t actually serving you, isn’t moving you forward or deeper, then what’s the goram point of it?

I am devoted to the intangible, the unseen, the hidden and ever sought.
Because we should all be like a tree, deeply rooted but always reaching for the sky.

I am devoted to more, to abundance, to fulfillment.
Personal. Financial. Contentment.

I am devoted to me.
That’s not wrong. You should be too.

I am also, passionately, devoted to you.
In fact, all of this, every single bit of it, turns out to be about Y-O-U. And to you being the best, clearest and brightest expression of who you are (and can be) in the world right now.

Yes. It’s definitely about that.

You See, My <3 is Full of $

But that’s only because how we feel about money is deeply and intimately intertwined with how we feel about ourselves and Life at large. (And personally, I believe in Me and in Life and I want you to be able to do that too.)

So I’m going to keep instigating, and making myself available for, these deep and profound conversations about money because I know that without them you (and I) can’t know Flow, can’t know alignment, can’t know fulfillment, and can’t fully inhabit our possibilities.

Now you know, when I talk about money, that’s what I’m really talking about.

Now tell me my darling… have you given some consideration to what it is you are actually devoted to? (Hat tip to Fabeku for the “devotion” languaging that makes my soul sing.)


p.s. Forget Winter ~ Summer is coming. Summer of Money, that is. It'll be about money, but really, it will be about so much more than money!

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