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What You'll Get:

– A pre-session email with homework and the information to set up our Money Day (plan for it to be two weeks out from booking)
– A tarot divination for, and a Candle Magic working for your current money situation.
– A PDF with a full Astrological Map of you and your Money's life story together.
– A full day of my undivided attention – four working sessions set over 7 hours.
– Some deep shadow work and an emotion code based clearing.
– A new tool calibrated specifically to you to help you keep moving forward with your Money from now on.
– Mini lectures on what money is and how we can find right relationship with it (think of it like a private Money Class)
– A whole new perspective
– A clear and solid action plan to help you take the next steps
– A magical talisman for travellers and brave adventurers (because if you do You + $$ that is exactly what you are)
– Ongoing support via email or PM for the next few weeks

What I'll Need From You:
– Your full birthday along with time and place of birth. (Set up a Hello Session if you don't know all that but still want to do a You + $$.)
– A desire and willingness to show up, be open, and do the effing work.

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They say the only things that you can rely on are Death and Taxes.

I say there are actually three inescapable things: Death, Change and Money. Neither death nor change are in my purview, but money, money that’s a whole other story – it’s one of my favourite things to talk and magic about.

Money is inevitable. We all have to deal with money.

We all enter centre-stage of our money stories at different ages and in different ways, but we’ll each be in our relationships with money longer than any other relationship. We’ll be dealing with money, and responding to how money makes us feel, for the rest.of.our.lives.

Money is inevitable.

Sometime ago I had the pleasure of having a conversation with a lovely monk about our individual passions. He was dressed in a wooly sweater and slacks and we were sitting at a conference chatting about art, and tarot and money.

He told me that money was a big motivator in his decision to take his vows. He’d come to resent our corporate and capitalistic society and he longed to remove himself from it. His vows of poverty made him feel like he no longer needed to worry about, or address money. (In other words, my work was good for some people, but he didn’t need it.)

But he was wrong (and I absolutely explained why to him). Neither vows of poverty nor vast wealth can remove you from your active and internal relationship to money. Or from how it alters your perception and influences your decisions without you even noticing it. Having money, or needing less of it to get by, will not prevent you from having money issues.

You Cannot Escape Money.

So I propose that instead we sit down together and face it head on. It’s already there, it’s already wrecking havoc, so let’s just start calling it what it is and bring some change to your financial landscape once and for all.

Let’s start talking about You + $$.

You see, my money work is not about Prosperity – though I do believe everyone deserves to make good money (and I’m aware of what a privileged position that is to be in) and I do want you to make more money, it’s just that I know that that is often the exact wrong place to begin.

If you are looking for manifestation lessons or how to make a six figure income in six months You + $$ is not going to be for you. (Though if you’ve done all of that and you find yourself at a loss and frustrated with why that stuff isn’t working the way it’s supposed to for you then you have, in fact, come to the exact right place.)

And it’s not about paying down debt or amassing six months income worth of savings – though there is a lot of great information about money that we should all be learning and applying in our own ways, teaching you that is the work of other people, not me.

Frankly, my money work is anything but more of the same.

My money work is first and foremost about your personal relationship with Money – that is the ongoing, energetic and emotional story that is unfolding within you and outside of you. (Oh yes, we will be talking about why you keep getting more of what you do not want. And no, that won’t involve blaming you for your limiting beliefs.)

You + $$ is for you if you are looking for long lasting impact and tangible change not just in your actual money, but in how you feel inside yourself when money comes up –
which is basically everyday.

(You + $$ is not about controlling your feelings, only thinking good thoughts or focusing on the vision, it is instead about giving you tools to be honest with how you feel about money and then to honestly start being able to shift that to something new.)

This is a full day (7+ hours) intensive that is all about You, Your story, and Your money.

It is about shifting your perspective to give you the tools for:

Money Awareness
Money Resilience
Money Expansion

You + $$ is a relationship reboot that is specifically designed to restore your financial Agency (the ability and power to make your own decisions no matter what the external influence) to you.

You should know: this is #DeepWork. It is a full day of emotional and energetic work on – what is often – your biggest hot button topic. You will be challenged. You will be pressed and pulled. But you will also be transformed.

If you are ready, so am I.

I hope it goes without saying that You + $$ is not a program that I push people through with one size fits all tools. Though the day is structured it is, in fact, a highly personalized event. Now that we’ve cleared that up…

Let’s Talk About What Will Happen When You Sign Up For You + $$.

Thing the First, you will get an email from me (surprise!) with some prep info as well as some pre-session homework – some that you’ll send to me and some that you’ll keep on hand during our great and glorious day together. We’ll also set up a date to have your You + $$ – you can expect (at least) a 2 week window between booking and getting on the phone because the work on my end begins long before we talk in person. I will also need to get your birthday – including place and time of birth from you (we can do You + $$ if you don’t know this info, but it will greatly effect the map. If you don’t know this info let’s set up a Hello session to talk about options.)

Next, I will spend that intervening time building an astrological map of you and your money blueprints. This map will be emailed to you the morning of our session (or possibly the night before), this is intentional because we’ll be going over the map together so I want it to be fresh in your mind.

Finally, we’ll get on the phone together. Well, actually, we’ll probably get onto an online conference call line so that I can record all of our calls for you, but you know, I mean we’ll be talking live on the day. I live in EST so we’ll probably have booked time that make sense for me in that time zone. This will be a long day. You’ll want to have left it wide open, even into the evening because you may be tired and ready for a good cuddle when we’re finally done. (Trust me, this won’t hurt, it’s just a LOT of stuff.)

Our day will be made up of four individual phone sessions. The first three session will be about 1-1.5 hours long with three 45 mins intermissions breaking them up (during which you will have homework assignments as well as time to get something to eat and drink and step outside).

  • In the first session we’ll be talking about your money story as it is showing up right now and exploring your Shadow and the part it is playing in all of this. I’ll be doing a specific form of energy clearing work for you. I’ll review the divination and money magic work (candle magic) I did for you just before we got on the phone and I’ll talk a bit about what I want you to take away from You + $$. In the intermission you’ll have a little celebratory party (no, really), you may want to have cup cakes or bubbly on hand.
  • In the second session, we’ll be diving into your Astrological Money Map (patent pending… not really I just thought that sounded funny). We’ll walk through it point by point together, and because the map is written, not for where you are right now but as an overarching blueprint, we’ll use this session to talk about how this applies to what’s happening right now and how you can apply some of the ideas and suggestions within it to your life and business in practical and down to earth ways. Because Wonder, I’m nothing if not practical and down-to-earth. During this intermission you’ll do a guided meditation and some written work, and also hopefully step outside or do something to move the energy around.
  • In session three I’ll talk to you a bit about what some of the divinatory tools and their patterns and stories around money have taught me about really understanding money (this stuff is fascinating because divination tools are born of both culture and the collective unconscious so they let us explore the archetype of Money). And then we’ll review the piece of pre-session homework you didn’t send to me before our session, we’ll use it as a jumping off point to build you a tool that will help you make business and personal decisions, help you feel more confident in choosing how to use your money, and more importantly will act as your compass, keeping you aligned with what Right Relationship with money looks like for you. During this intermission you’ll do some extra work with your newly crafted tool, a little more written work, as well as some reading. And possibly take a cat nap, if you’re the kind of person who can cat nap (personally, that never seems to work for me).
  • Our forth and final session will be our shortest. We’ll be reviewing your homework from the final intermission, and then of course, anchoring into place a clear plan on how you can move forward from here with some tangible action steps in mind. I’ll spend some time talking about what I believe Money asks of us (because relationships are two way streets) and then I’ll go over any important points or actions we’d covered earlier in the day. We’ll decide if there’s any particular money magic that would best support and serve you over the next few weeks. Then you’ll have an opportunity to ask All.The.Questions that you may not have already asked and when you feel good and clear I’ll give you a virtual hug and you will go on your way. All of this will have taken approximately 7 hours.

After our day together, you will have no homework (excepting the action plan you helped put together) – YAY! Instead I will send you a magical talisman made for travellers and brave adventurers (no really, it is magical, I have done all those magic making things with it so that it can guard and protect you through the next steps). And, because this is deep work with a LOT of energy work and clearing work being done on you throughout the day, and that always means that what we’ve done here will take time to completely clear and settle and will be rippling into your life for some time, because of all that I will, of course, always only be an email or PM away to support you while you navigate all that.

Ready To Get The Whole Process Started?

If you feel like You + $$ might be exactly what you need, you can go ahead and click on the Add to Cart button at the top of the page and get this whole ball rolling.

Or Do You Need a Clarity Making, Question Answering Chat?

If you think it might be for you but you aren’t really sure if you’re ready for it, or maybe you aren’t sure if this or Shake It Out is what you need first, or if you need to talk about your birthday or making payment arrangements then instead you should click here and set up a free Hello session with me where we’ll spend 15-20 mins just talking about where you are and what you need and if this is right for you. No pressure, just clarity (because when it comes to #deepwork you need to be all in or it’s a waste of both of our time).

Are you all in for You and Money?

*squee* Me too.

What The Alpha and Beta Testers Had To Say (on their anonymous surveys):

“I loved our Session. It has given me a whole new perspective with which to approach money in my life. Knowing that I was pushing it away without even knowing it and having some tools to bring it back in close feels good. I am getting real about money for the first time in my life and I don’t even feel afraid, even though the picture is not very pretty.

Thank you so much for sharing your gifts with me. I LOVE working with you.”

“It was confirming to understand that they way I am is the way that I am for a reason. Lots of encouragement about showing up well in my work. I like that it wasn’t JUST about money but also about work in the world. I left with good ideas to implement now and a things to check into and start working on.”

“All the resources you offered were helpful, both the practical and the magical. I’m delighting creating my new money altar based on Money Medicine, and look forward to working with this as a practice on a lunar rhythm.”

“It was like receiving the right prescription eye glasses —- oh, now I can see!”

“I appreciate your gifts and how you freely allowed them to flow during the class. Not to puff you, you are who you say you are . . . and being such is big and powerful. You soulfully guided my relationship out of my head and into my body. Can’t wait to experience/embody the change! I’ll be looking in retrospect among the ancestors and forward into my daughters lives, not to mention my own. Thanks, Megan. What a fun adventure headed into spacious prosperity!”


p.s. Forget Winter ~ Summer is coming. Summer of Money, that is. It'll be about money, but really, it will be about so much more than money!

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