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What’s Up, Chicken Butt? Diagnostic Reading


A two-part, two card Tarot reading specifically geared to tell you what's up and give you actionable advice. Delivered as a 15-25 min audio file.



No I mean really, what the hell is up?

Maybe you’ve been working with our Thrive Money Clearing, or doing the Invite Flow altar work, or plan to start using our Client Attraction Tool Kit (coming soon) and it worked in the beginning, or worked a little bit, but now less so. Is it the tool? Is it you? Is your situation hopeless?

Well first, I guarantee the situation is not helpless. But for the rest of it… It could be that something about how you are approaching it needs to be tweaked. Maybe your attitude is focused in the wrong direction, maybe your goal needs to shift (up or down), maybe you’ve been skimming over the deeper work that the Magic is asking of you.

Or maybe the tool needs tweaking. Maybe you need to approach it differently for your particular situation and your particular You-ness. Or maybe it’s working perfectly, it’s just currently doing some deep diving work and all you need to do is wait and trust. Or maybe it needs you to do another magic to support what it’s doing already.

Or Maybe You Aren’t Even Doing a Magic But You’re Just Looking At Your Situation and Thinking: What the Fuck do I do now?

See, that’s exactly why I created this offering.

What’s Up, Chicken Butt the Diagnostic Reading

This is a two part, two card reading that is exactly designed for what it says: To tell you what the fuck is up.

In your situation. In your working. In your business. In your magic. In your whatever. (Except relationships, I don’t rock at relationship readings, I mean you can hire me for it anyway but consider yourself forewarned.)

What You Get:
A Two-Part Reading: Part 1 gives me a bit more insight into the situation overall and how my Spirit League views what’s really going on.
Part 2 I draw two cards to talk about You in this situation and the Magic/Situation itself.
An Energy Clearing as it’s needed. (One is always needed, what varies is what I’m clearing for.)
Photos of the Tarot Cards used and pulled.
An Audio Recording of the reading and any other feedback. The average audio file is 15-25 mins long and you’ll be able to download and listen to it as often as you need to for clarity.

Most importantly, some clarity about the energy at play, what needs tweaking, what needs doubling down on, and advice on what to DO next.

Quick. Easy. Clear. And most importantly: Actionable.

This offering was conceived of to be used in conjunction with any of our Money Magic offerings either to guide you as you get started, or as a check in to see how you can tweak what you’re doing to make it even more effective. But you can request a What’s Up, Chicken Butt Diagnostic reading for anything. Because: Why Not?


p.s. Forget Winter ~ Summer is coming. Summer of Money, that is. It'll be about money, but really, it will be about so much more than money!

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