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Summer of Money


An 8 week exploration of the relationship between you and money. Watch the video classes for free or sign up to get the whole curriculum.

The Deep Dive Sessions will be running June 19th- Aug 11th and you'll get:

  • Weekly PDF with links to video lesson, extended lessons with prompts, a magical or spiritual working to engage with that week's lesson through.
  • A private Facebook group to talk about and share our exploration together in.
  • 3 live group Q & A sessions.



Come Fall in <3 with Money with Me


Let’s spend the next 8 weeks looking deeply into the eyes of money together. Let’s explore, and talk, and celebrate and fall in love with money…

Because $$ is Universal
We all have it. We all need it.

Because it touches every corner of our lives.

Because $$ deserves better.

Because we deserve more.

Because ignoring it isn’t working.
And isn’t helping anyway.

Because there’s power in $$.

Because it’s the key, but not the answer.
It never is.

Because I love $$!

And the spirits who work with it.

Because I believe in $$.
And in you, too.

And most especially because:

Wealth is the ability to fully experience life. ~ Henry David Thoreau

Let’s Start a Money Loving Revolution

Instead of Peace, Love and Rock’n’Roll, let’s dive into Peace, Love and Deep Money Conversations – together.

Summer of Money is an 8 week video series that approaches money from a psychospiritual direction – it talks about feelings and energy and magic – and is designed to get you talking to and about money in new ways.

The video series is completely free, no obligation or strings attached and is available to watch at any time.

All you have to do is click through to the YouTube playlist and begin watching.

Each video covers an aspect of what it takes to begin to craft right relationship with your money. It’s my invitation to you to ease into new financial possibilities and is born directly from my personal money journey and studies. What it absolutely isn’t is more of the same manifesting, fake it to make it, it takes money to make money, teaching.

Or, For Those of You Who Want More…


You can join me this Summer for our live Deep Dive to get even more.

The Deep Dive Sessions will be running June 19th- Aug 11th during which you’ll get:
    A PDF at the beginning of the week with:

  • The week’s video conversation starter (so you don’t miss anything)
  • Prompts that you can take to your journal, or simply ponder, to move you even more deeply into this week’s topic (and to make your revolution truly personal).
  • Finally, you’ll get a Magic action. A suggestion for engagement, for things you can do, or a spiritual practice to start acting on and feeding the week’s theme. (Because: Magic baby!)

And, newly added this year to support you in working through and finishing the program:

  • An exclusive Facebook group where you can safely share your revelations and questions.
  • 3 live Q & A sessions throughout the 8 weeks where we’ll get to talk more deeply about the lessons, about what’s going on for you, and about practical application of what you’re digging into face to face (via Zoom video conferencing).
  • And lifetime access to the program.
This whole shebang is $35.

Whether you join me for the deep dive, or follow along for free, I am so looking forward to exploring with you this summer!


p.s. Forget Winter ~ Summer is coming. Summer of Money, that is. It'll be about money, but really, it will be about so much more than money!

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