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Space Clearing Class


Learn to dowse, to clear people and spaces and ghosts in a four day in person retreat June 2nd-5th, 2016. Email to arrange a payment plan option.



Space Clearing class is June 2-5th in St Catharines, ON

Every Space has a Presence. It has an atmosphere. We’ve all walked into a space and instantly felt uncomfortable, on edge, or claustrophobic. And we think it’s the furniture, the wall color, the people who live there. (And sometimes it is). But usually it’s just the space.

It’s the room where a big fight happened a few weeks ago. It’s the house someone died of cancer in two years ago. It’s a story the land remembers from long before houses were even there. And it’s become part of the very presence of the building.

Our spaces are meant to feed us. In an ideal world we enrich our homes and work spaces, and they in turn nurture and support us. But because our world isn’t perfect, because we’re all still learning and growing, it so often happens that instead our spaces end up holding onto our stories of grief and pain, of stress and worry, of stuckness and frustration. And instead of a steady growth and flow we get stuck in our old patterns (and those of the people before us, and the people before them, and…)

And this is where space clearing comes in. Space Clearing uses the same core philosophies taught in BE Energy Clearing and is just another – expanded – way to work with Energy Clearing (don’t know what that is read this) and is a beautiful way to begin in, or deepen, the work.

  • You want to jump start your intuitive abilities
  • You or someone in your family struggles with being highly sensitive
  • You want to expand your understanding of how energy works
  • You work in real estate
  • Or in energy or intuitive based field
  • You want to deepen your spiritual practice
  • You want to understand ghosts or spirits (or you’re scared of them and want them to stop bothering you)
  • You’re simply interested in learning to clear energy
  • You’ve already taken clearing classes
  • You’ve never learnt to clear ever before
  • You really like hanging out with Jeff and I (because we’re awesome)

What Happens When We Clear

The system of clearing that we use is simple & elegant. It is empowering and powerful, yet subtle.

The very first premise of our work is that Nature is self-healing and self-regulating. Basically, your space wants to be in balance, it is meant to be nurturing and it wants to be. It’s not that we need to force something to happen, it is simply our job to create the space where what already wants to be can happen (and where what isn’t serving anyone can finally be released.)

While we do pay attention to what is happening, and where and why things are getting stuck, we don’t ever come to a space to judge or diagnose. It is our objectivity that allows healing to happen. We clear by moving through a space assessing the flow & nature of the energy & making space for stress and blocks to be released as we go.

We clear all spaces of emotional or energetic blocks caused by people (most clearing techniques focus on this), but we also look at how the natural patterns of the earth’s energies are affecting your space, and finally we clear the energetic impact of technology & then any ghosts or imprints that might be in the space.

Once we’ve gone through the house & addressed all the blocks we do personal clearings for all the people who live in the space – bringing you & your space into resonance with each other.

Space Clearing Is Great When:

  • Someone’s ready to see old patterns shift in a big way
  • Moving into a building or new home
  • Selling a home
  • Someone in the house has been sick or struggling with difficult emotions (grief, etc…)
  • They’re having problems sleeping
  • Or are concerned about oppressive energy, ghosts or spirits
  • Someone can’t seem to get anything done or feel like you focus better away from the space
  • They feel stuck
  • Or feel like you can’t relax or ever settle
  • Going through a divorce or death
  • Customers aren’t coming in or things aren’t selling.
  • Someone in the family struggles with being highly sensitive

Intrigued? Want to Learn To Do This Too?

Space Clearing class is June 2-5th in St Catharines, ON
(25 mins from Niagara Falls and 40 mins from Buffalo).

Class will include how to do all of the above, introduction to what clearing is and how to clear people as well as spaces, how to use a pendulum and a dowsing rod (you’ll get your own dowsing rod as part of the class), a class specifically on ghosts and how to clear them, how to clear a space long distance, actual hands on practice experience (with us), lots of one on one teaching and support.

Learn to Breathe New Life Into Spaces (and People’s Lives too) for $550

If you are coming from the US you’ll need a passport to cross the border.
You can fly into either Toronto, Ontario OR Buffalo, New York.
We’ll happily help you find hotels or B&Bs to stay in.
If you want a roommate or to share a car rental let us know and we’ll pair you up with others looking for the same.
If you’d like to pay for the class in payments simply email me at megan to set that up


p.s. Forget Winter ~ Summer is coming. Summer of Money, that is. It'll be about money, but really, it will be about so much more than money!

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