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Shake It Out: A Money Healing for Wholehearted Expansion


You'll receive:
– A 3hr one-on-one money healing session – that uses a blend of energy work centred on an extremely focused energy clearing
– A digital package with one MP3 guided exercise and four PDFs
– A 20 min follow up session
– A custom made magical talisman to guide you on your journey forward.


Do you remember when there were monsters in your closet? Remember how you knew they were just the clothes on hangers and that box on the floor, but in the dark you still weren’t sure it was worth getting out of bed for. When you looked right at the closet all you saw was clothes, but it was when you looked away that the monster would bump and move around.

We’re all grown up now, we know nothing’s in our bedroom closet. And yet we all still encounter monsters who bump and move and keep us contained when we aren’t looking and turn into coats and shoes whenever we try to look at them straight on. Except now, the monsters sound more like the voices in your head that tell you that making money is hard, rich people are arrogant assholes anyway, that you aren’t good enough to to step into your big dream and you don’t deserve the money, the dream, the life, the clients…

Now the monsters are your subconscious beliefs about who you are (false) and what you are capable of (perceived not reality) and they serve to keep you firmly in your place. You might call this phenomenon a limiting belief. Or maybe you hear coaches calling it an “upper limit problem”. You could be: hitting a wall, or a limit, or an edge; it could be a core belief, or mind set…

Personally, I call it our capacity. It’s what keeps us paddling in one place no matter how hard we work. It’s what keeps us from working our biggest magics. And it’s what we face over, and over again. And if you want to know why, despite doing all the right things, you are still struggling to see change – then this right here is why.

But I’ve got a big flashlight, steel toed boots and monster vanquishing powers and I want to take you to what is on the other side of that limit… er… I mean closet.

Shake It Out: A Money Healing for Wholehearted Expansion

This is about money and business, except it isn’t.

It’s an in depth, below the surface energy clearing and a shadow facing experience. We’ll both be fully showing up and together we’ll clear the moments and ideas that are subconsciously anchoring your current capacity. We’ll begin to shake the monsters off and transform your energetic interactions with money, with business, and with Self and Life.

Ready to Go Into the Closet with Me?

How this will shake out:

You + Me on the phone – we’ll be 2.5- 3 hours darling.

    ~ I’ll talk to you about what capacity is, where your perceived one comes from and how we’re going to shift it.
    ~ Together we’ll explore the fence posts holding your current capacity in place

    We can focus on any area where you’ve been doing the work but keep feeling like you’re hitting a wall. We can work on shifting your energy around repaying your debt, putting your work into the world, bringing money in through your business, making and keeping money, etc…

    ~ Together we’ll move through and clear** point by point, tearing down what has been holding you to old patterns.
    ~ We’ll wrap up by guiding you through an exercise that will point the way to beginning to perceive the new and expanded possibilities within yourself and your relationship to money.

After our call you’ll get a digital package with an audio guided exercise, and four PDF worksheets to help you keep digging into your expansive possibilities and make them tangible and integrate them into your now and your future.

I’ll also reserve the space for us to have a follow up 20 min session in case more rises up while the clearing continues to work itself out. You may not need it – and that’s glorious if you don’t – but if you do, our follow up time will be here for you.

And finally, I’ll send you out a custom, made just for you, magical (not-figurative) talisman meant to guide and hold you while you continue to expand and explore.

** Shake It Out is a form of energy clearing – a form of energy healing that helps us to work through and around your conscious mind – which I’ve tweaked and developed to be more focused and to specifically to clear unconscious beliefs and ideas.

It will be all about money, but it will really be about so much more than that.

Identity. Centre. Rootedness. Possibility. More. Journey. Fulfillment. And of course, Expansion.

The focus is not on making money but pursuing your mission.
~ Eric Shaffert

When you order your Shake It Out session you’ll get a receipt both on the site and via email which will have a really handy link to my calendar where you can lock in your session time – that will be the important part, nothing can happen till you do that. Once you’re in my book you can sit back and relax; you’ll get an email full of my love and excitement and at our appointed time I’ll be calling you.

This Is For You If:

  • You want to change your relationship with money
  • You’ve been doing the work, but not seeing the results
  • You’re willing to keep doing the work.
  • You have (or are willing to seek out) practical plans and resources and are looking for something to support them with
  • You’re ready and willing to shake things up for a long-term shift
  • You are ready to release who you have been with money/in business in order to find the expanded possibilities that you hold within you

This Is NOT For You If:

  • You need immediate money solutions
  • You are looking for practical and actionable solutions (like budgeting, etc)
  • You want a money coach or on-going support
  • You aren’t interested in doing inner exploration right now
  • You aren’t sure if you are up to doing the practical work of shifting your money right now
  • You aren’t sure energy work is right for you and your money situation
  • Shadow work (in the areas of identity and family and money) may trigger PTSD or other issues for you

The work that we did together touched something that I have not been able to reach on my own.

I have done a lifetime of counselling and new age healing, yet, I still carried the fear and feelings that surrounded me as a kid living in poverty. Immediately after our session, I had an experience that was triggered directly by a meme someone posted. We worked together to determine what it means and I couldn’t believe the depth of uncovering old belief systems we achieved.

Since your Shake it Out session, I have had a sense of freedom and more confidence in my new belief system around money. I am also equipped with practical work to pay down debt. I am so thankful that this programme was available to me, along with your great aftercare.
~ Maryanne

I was in that place where I was ready to move back into my business after a year off from money earning ventures (due to family stuff), and whilst I was eager to dive in, I found myself strangely resistant.

I discovered I was afraid to put myself back out there, scared that if I flung open the doors there’d be no-one there anymore. Finding all the old stories about not enough and will anyone care and what’s the use – and even (horrors!) I should just get a job – creeping in under the door, and making me want to keep it firmly closed.

One of the major stories I’ve struggled with my whole life is around not making a difference.

I’ve known it was there – and that it’s not actually mine – for a long, long time. No matter how much work I did it wouldn’t shift. And then along you came, with your delicious magic touch and gently insightful way. Clearing away the debris and the old stories. Helping me rewire and recharge and discover what it was I truly wanted.

Since our session together I feel lighter. I’ve found redesigning all the pieces of my business and crafting new offerings to be full of ease. I’ve also been quietly making a difference in the lives of women around the world – even before I officially open the doors! And I’m actually able to write that here without cringing.

I am so very grateful to know you, and to have experienced the power of your work in this world. I’m going to gleefully boast someday soon that I knew you before you became a household name!

with so much love and appreciation
Káren xxx”


p.s. Forget Winter ~ Summer is coming. Summer of Money, that is. It'll be about money, but really, it will be about so much more than money!

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