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What I Really Want From Money Is…


A Sacred Tool Kit designed to help you explore and begin making tangible action plans to create what you really want in your life and from your money.


I want you to make money. I want you to experience Freedom and Security and Joy and Adventure in your (financial) life. But…

I Don’t Care How Much Money You Make

And I guess maybe this sets me apart from a lot of people talking about teaching and healing money online.

I’m not out to make you capable of a six or seven figure income. I don’t care if you work with me and get $125 extra or $40,000 extra (yes, that’s happened). I don’t care if you get no extra.

*gasp* Sacrilege!

I care about one basic thing: How are you feeling in your life today?

I care if you are fulfilled.
I care if you are expanding and growing.
I care if you’re whole and centred.
I care if you’re feeling supported and connected.
I care if you’re making the impact you want to make.
And yes, I care if you’re making the money – and have the relationship with money – that you need to be able to build the life you really want.

Whether that looks like making six figures, or flying to Bali, or whether it looks like learning how to invest or buying less Starbucks coffee and replacing them with more boardgames for your family, matters not to me. I really don’t care what it looks like. Because all of this money stuff really boils down to one thing for me: are you investing in what you really want from money and in life? And if not, how can I help you do that?

The What I Really Want From Money Is… Sacred Tool Kit

This kit is all about getting to the heart of that. It’s about changing your life today, changing your relationship with and perspective on money (yes, so you can bring more of it in), and it’s about investing in the life you really want to build. And it’s actually just a series of really simple self-exploration tools.

What’s in the Tool Box:

  • Three videos: an Introduction to the why, what and how of this sacred tool, and a video for how to use each of the worksheets.
  • Guided Audio Exercise on What I Really Want… (because guidance is sometimes helpful)
  • A PDF version of the audio (for us non-auditory processors)
  • The What I Really Want From Money… Tree (for getting clarity on what you’re really looking for)
  • The What I Really Want… Exploratory Worksheet (for beginning to dig into the ideas you got from the above tools)
  • The Want-Will-Won’t Worksheet (for starting to lay out a tangible plan to create what you really want)

The beauty of this Sacred Tool is that it’s designed to be used over and over again: What do I want today? What do I want from my money? What do I want from my business? Each time you work through it you’ll begin to see more and more patterns and get real clarity on what really is and isn’t working for you in your life and what you can start doing to bring what is into alignment with what you want (and not just what you think you want either – what you really want).

Because All I Really Care About is that You Have the Life You Truly Want.

End of story.


p.s. Forget Winter ~ Summer is coming. Summer of Money, that is. It'll be about money, but really, it will be about so much more than money!

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