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A 5 Day email mini-class with everything you need to know to set up and work with an altar for drawing in money.

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Need Some Flow in your Life?

Invite Flow is a 5 day introductory course to working with an altar specifically for money and finances. By the end of the week you’ll know everything you need to to set up and start working with your very first money altar. The course is designed to be usable by anyone, no matter your religious beliefs or experience working with energy or magic.

My Earthy Soul Loves to Build Altars

I build altars for all different purposes all over my house; if I spend any amount of time in a room it will end up with an altar of some size or another in it.

My altars are expressions of my Megan-ness; most of mine have rocks and leaves, or seeds, or branches I found on walks mixed with super heroes and candles and incense holders and of course art pieces. And I build them all over my home (and sometimes in my car and definitely in hotels) because they are also anchors for my devotion; they remind me that who I really want to be today is a worker of the Sacred.

To paraphrase Briana Saussy, an altar is “a specific place and unique point…” that you’ve set apart as sacred and “…that has the ability to open out into all that is sacred and holy both within you and outside of you.”

All this and they also happen to be the perfect vehicle for magic.


Altars are a lovely and simple way to begin to step into and explore #MoneyMagic for yourself because

  • they are Universal and can be worked with within almost any religious or spiritual tradition
  • they’re is no right or wrong formula
  • they feel like Us rather than us acting out someone else’s instructions
  • they are simple to put together and to take down
  • You can build one today just with things you already have in your home
  • they are incredibly easy to learn to work with…
  • …but have unlimited potential
  • they get results…
  • altar2

    In Invite Flow we’ll

    Talk about what an altar is and how it works. (Day 1)
    Give tips on timing and placement for money altars. (Day 2)
    Share how to pick what to include on a money focused altar with suggestions from all kinds of traditions. (Day 3)
    Teach you how to write a magical petition. (Day 4)
    And answer any remaining FAQs. (Day 5)

    And by then your own altar will be up and working for you.


    p.s. Forget Winter ~ Summer is coming. Summer of Money, that is. It'll be about money, but really, it will be about so much more than money!

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