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Flourish & Grow: A #MoneyMedicine Workshop


A 1.5 hour live webinar where we work together to create a paradigm shift in your relationship with money and you leave with custom to you tools and ideas to guide you as you start making more money.


Question: Are You And Your Money in a Co-Dependent relationship?

You can’t live without it, but you expect it to be available and behave in specific ways. You’ve given money the sole power to bring happiness into your life. You feel trapped and confined and you’re waiting for Magical Money to come and save you. You and money simply can’t decide who should have the power in your relationship.

These, my love, are just some of the markers of an unhealthy relationship.

And yes I am talking about being in one of those bad for you relationships – with money.

I firmly believe that you deserve to make money. I want you to be profitable and successful and abundant.

But I also want you to be content. Fulfilled. Satisfied in your day to day life. To be enriched and empowered. And to be honest, I actually believe that personal satisfaction and abundance are connected and that being profitable is intimately tied to living a life that fulfills you.

To accomplish all of these things, to have money and fulfillment and contentment meet you where you are right now (not just in some far off future), we’re going to have to address your relationship with money.

And make a new plan; a new way of looking at and working with it. What I’d really like to do is have you and I get together and start to do that.

What This Will Look Like:

  • A 1.5 hour webinar recording
  • And have handouts
  • Where we’ll talk about why you actually deserve to make money
  • And then we’ll set money goals
  • And we’ll re-empower you in your relationship with money
  • And we’ll do some exercises together
  • And you’ll leave with revelations and guides to making tangible and useful plans
  • And it will be amazing and interactive
  • And then we’ll have some money Q&A
Flourish and Grow was taught live in, March 2016.

The recording is now available for self-study and exploration.

To participate in the activities in this class you will need a Tarot or Oracle deck. You will not need to know how to read said deck, we’ll be using it exclusively as a psychological tool. If you do not currently have a deck you do not need to buy one, you’ll find apps for both Android and iPhones for both Tarot and Oracle that are free or inexpensive. You can also choose to use any of these three decks which are freely available online:

Gaian Tarot
Tarot of the Crone
Shadowscapes Tarot

Flourish and Grow is $8.

I feel like transparency around my money and prices is essential to the integrity of the work I’m stepping forward to do, so I’ve decided to preemptively answer the most asked questions about the pricing of this class.

Why is the class only $8?

I designed the original version of this class as a workshop for the North West Tarot Symposium, once I had taught it there I thought it was a shame that it was only available to peeps who’d come to Portland and chosen my workshop over the lovely class about using Tarot for intention setting (it was a hard decision I know). I decided I really, really wanted to make the information more widely available.

I 100% believe that this workshop will give you a paradigm shift and tools that will empower you to begin transforming your relationship with money in ways you may not have seen coming. But I’m also aware that this class is a safe and easy way to explore my #moneymedicine work, to get a sense of what I’m all about and decide if you might want to work more deeply with me in my other services. This class has no upsale or obligation afterwards, but it is an entry point to my work. It didn’t feel right to charge you $25 or $30 for something that benefits me as much as you.

Even more than that though, I really do believe that everyone deserves to make money. And I really, really, wanted to have an offering that would get results and be useful AND be affordable for anyone and everyone at any time. Working with me one-on-one is expensive. But beginning to work money magic should be something anyone can do.

Well, then why isn’t it free?

As in, it’s clearly an acceptable business model to offer some things for free to give you a little taste and then upsell you into something more expensive. That’s so not what offering this class was about for me. It felt wrong. Here’s why.

It Felt Wrong for You: I mean… how often do you actually use and apply those free things? And as we will discuss in the class, allowing clients to pay for your shit is a sign of respect for them as much as for ourselves. This class has real tools, that can be really useful to you, I want you to show up and be able to use them. Charging for the class increases your likelihood of doing so.

It Felt Wrong For Me: This class is hours and hours of work. Prepping, teaching, supporting, answering follow up, getting it out to you so you can read this page now, writing this page. My time has value. The tools I worked hard to create so that a one hour class would actually be practical have value.

Charging is my way of respecting you, me and my work. Charging $8 is my way of acknowledging that privilege should not be a barrier to growth and expansion and that I get more than just income out of sharing this work with you.


p.s. Forget Winter ~ Summer is coming. Summer of Money, that is. It'll be about money, but really, it will be about so much more than money!

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