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Pricing Shit is Hard aka We All Have Epic Fails

You’d think that being as I’ve been working my money medicine and money magic for myself for so long that I’d have my shit together. But here’s the truth, we all have epic fails now and then. It’s called being human, and I’ve decided the pay-off for it is far better than the costs so I’m learning to roll with the punches and admit when I’ve been wrong.

It sucks, but it’s worth it.

Two weeks ago I launched my Shake it Out offering. I love Shake It Out, I love the depth and the power of the work. I love leading the sessions, I love following up afterwards I love hearing the results, but they are a lot of work. For me, and for the Wonder showing up and doing the work. Some of the Wonders in my world who had helped me test the offering talked to me about the price that I planned to launch with. Rather, they lectured me. They’d done the work and they thought it needed to be priced a lot higher.

But I told them I knew the value of my offering and I was just thinking of you.

And I was. I was thinking about what my things have cost before. About how I was launching completely new work – in a new to me field. I wanted the price to be not intimidating. I wanted it to be easy (or easier) for you to begin to work with me on your money. I was thinking of my new money work as easily branching out of the work I’d done before and not as its own reboot.

But then this thing happened after it launched. You see, I don’t lead my business alone, one of the key things I’ve learnt in my money explorations is that my Super Spirit League – those I talk to in ritual and divination and sacred spaces – are some of my best business advisors. They keep me plugged into my Perfect Self (what Fabeku calls your Bigness) and into The Work and over the last year of so I come to trust them and my big “S” Self above all else, in particular.

Once SiO launched, I’d go to them in ritual to talk to them about my next right steps – where should my energy be going, how did they want me to share the work, etc – and instead of answering that they started talking to me about the price. Over. And over. Again.

Until I finally had to admit I needed to raise the price. Now. Not when it started booking out, not slowly over the next few months, but today. (See that’s part of the deal, they do their part and I do mine. Listening and gratitude are two of my biggest contributions to the relationship.)

Pricing shit is hard.

Even though I let my Spirit League and real life team of Wonders guide me on everything else in the offering I didn’t listen about the price. I thought, they don’t now my people. Or they don’t realize I have a plan. Sometimes trusting that inner guidance is the fucking scariest thing ever. (Same goes for wise outer guidance too.)

But I was wrong.

I was wrong. Because instead of think about you (or rather instead of making presumptions about you) or about me (which is what I was really doing), instead of that I should have been thinking about The Work. I should have been putting The Work first and trusting that what I knew to be true of it really was worth the number that was inside of me. I should have taken a big deep breath and leapt off the ledge with that number already in place. Even though it was scary. Even though it seemed almost crazy.

Because I, more than anyone else, know that if something isn’t just a little damn bit scary then it’s wrong. I should have remembered that for myself too.

So now Shake it Out is $550.

I’m not announcing that it will go up next week because that’s a shit manipulation tactic meant to keep you from making a well thought out decision, meant to make you jump out of fear. SiO is intensive work, more intensive for you than me, and it deserves to be more than half assed, it demands that you definitely not come at it from a place of fear. But even beyond that I’m not very fond of manipulation to begin with. I love and respect you, everything about my work should reflect that truth.

And even though it feels fucking crazy to blog about this (I mean who does that) I know in my gut that it’s what I need to do. It’s my Next Right Step. So here it is. I’m blogging about it rather than just quietly raising the price because pricing shit is hard. Even when you are actively studying and engaging with money. Even when you have a super league of spirit and real peeps to guide you. It’s hard for me and it’s hard for you too, but I invite you to listen to your Super League – be they real or spirit – trust your gut, trust in Your Work and take the leap with me.

”Ask yourself what you are comfortable with and strive to stretch that boundary.” Denise Duffield-Thomas


p.s. Forget Winter ~ Summer is coming. Summer of Money, that is. It'll be about money, but really, it will be about so much more than money!

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