Limitless Living

Megan’s Core Rule for Living a Limitless Life

Yesterday I was clever
So I wanted to change the world.

Today I am wise
So I am changing myself. ~ Rumi

I have a few rules I try to live by. Rules about how I decide what to say or not say to others. Rules about who and how I want to be in the world. Rules about how I make decisions and how I use my time. But I have one rule, one rule that I have adopted through experience as the Core Rule for Living a Limitless Life. This is my rule.

I Can’t Change Anyone but Me.

And the corollary to this rule (the good news) is this:

I Can Always Choose How I am Going to Behave/Believe/Be in Any Situation.

I can’t change your mind, but I can change mine. I can’t change how you choose to behave (and I don’t have the right to try, never mind the right to try and make the earning of my love a whip with which I attempt to exact that change), but I can choose whether I’ll stay, what I’ll say, and what I’ll do in response.

I have no say over you, but I can always make a different choice for me. Always.

This is both our greatest limitation and our most unlimited super power.

You may be thinking you know this. You’ve heard this. I’m not exactly revolutionary. But it’s not the knowing or hearing that’s revolutionary – it’s the application. Because I don’t just know this Truth, I try to live by it. (Try, we’re all imperfect, especially me.)

Everyday I try to ask myself: Who do I want to be today? Who do I want to be?

There is no more important, no more powerful, no more life changing question that you can ask yourself than this.

Who do you want to be in the world today?

Because, there’s no one you can change but you. But if each of us is slowly, slowly, slowly working – day by day – on becoming the Who we want to be and see in the world then it is inevitable that the whole world will change. That is the deepest truth and the scariest depth. The power of Ourselves.

You are the only person you can change, do you know who you want that change to birth into the world?

Let’s create a little more of that today.


p.s. Forget Winter ~ Summer is coming. Summer of Money, that is. It'll be about money, but really, it will be about so much more than money!

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1 Ferris { 06.26.15 at 3:22 pm }

What a fabulous question (and I so agree with all that you’ve said, I was almost clapping in delight).

Today I want and intend to try less and allow more, to doubt less and trust more and to have oodles of fun and a whopping big smile on my face … and to see where that takes me.

2 Ursula Markgraf { 06.26.15 at 4:36 pm }

Love this post Megan!
And totally true. Took me quite a while to really get this. I suppose I’m still working on it. *laugh*
Also I find the question who I wanna be actually not easy. I’m still working on who I wanna be – and probably always will. But I do have to say, since I realized that “Hey, I might not be able to change anyone else – but I can change.” I’m MUCH happier with myself. 😉
I think that’s a good starting point!


3 Sue Kearney (@MagnoliasWest) { 06.26.15 at 9:07 pm }

I am the only person I can change. So liberating, even if it can feel so frustrating!!

Thank you for this beautiful post.

Blessed be,

4 Shulamit Ber Levtov { 06.26.15 at 9:19 pm }

Megan, this is a super power! I’m so glad you’re sharing this with others. It’s such a key to finding inner OK-ness despite external conditions.

5 Donna { 06.26.15 at 10:46 pm }

I love that… who do you want to be in the world today? Asking yourself that question every day will really help steer yourself in the best possible direction! Thanks!

6 Megan { 06.30.15 at 6:28 pm }

Ferris – What I would do in that case, if I wanted to be someone who allowed more and doubted less, each day I would ask myself “What can I do today that would be an act of allowing?”

Ursula – I always want to be more myself. Always. But I use it a lot in small, especially emotional situations. Asking who do I want to be in this moment really helps me decide whether or not to reply (or how to) etc.

Sue – Agreed. But so much of my energy is saved by embracing that fact.

Shulamit – So true. When you get over the frustrating part of it it is so freeing because you start to realize it really doesn’t matter what is happening outside of you, you always have SOME power.

Donna – You’re welcome Donna.

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