Limitless Living

When You See Me Talking, You Think I’m Talking About Money

About dollars and cents and making ends meet and bringing more clients in. I can’t blame you for that. It really does look like I’m talking about money. I mean I keep saying money and harping on money and asking you to think about money (and clients and dollars and cents).

But Really…

It’s about our heart, and our vision, and the things we just can’t shake no matter the twists and turns in our path.

What we’re devoted to is you: fulfilled, aligned, in Flow, the active creator of your life and experience. And to embarking with you on deep and profound conversations about money because how you feel about money is deeply and intimately intertwined with how you feel about ourselves and Life.

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I’m Megan

I am devoted to expansion and to growth. I am devoted to Magic and to the Practical. I am devoted to Money and most importantly to you.



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I’m Jeff

And I’m devoted to new experiences, adventures and exploration. To pushing myself with long runs (really long runs), wild places, and sleeping in tents. And I do this work because I believe no one should ever have to be afraid. Ever.

“Fear is not real. The only place that fear can exist is in our thoughts of the future.” Cypher Raige, After Earth


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