Limitless Living

Energy Clearing

Did you ever watch Charlie Brown? I hardly remember anything about the cartoon, but there is one image I can always pull up clearly: PigPen.

Turns out we’re all a little like PigPen.

We might look like nothing more than physical bodies, but in reality we are all made out of electricity; we’re all giant balls of light (or sound) that fill and sustain our bodies, but expand beyond them too. These balls of energy hold who we are, our thoughts and memories, our emotions and stories too. What you really are is a giant, brilliant, swirling, throbbing, growing, changing, ever evolving collection of all these things – which for convenience we sum up as: energy.

Here’s the thing, this energy part of you is kind of like velcro. It picks things up, it holds onto things it isn’t meant to, long strings and stories get all tangled up in it.

Our own things get all caught up in it, but so do the things of other people. The muttered curse of that guy in the car you just cut off (oops!). Your kid’s grumpiness this morning. Your big fight last night. All that time your mom spent worrying about you – that you didn’t even know about. And even the super bad day the guy in the next cubicle over is having that doesn’t have anything to do with you. Pieces of all that are velcro’ing right onto you. They have been your whole life. From an energy perspective, we all look a little like Pigpen.

Basically, the thing isn’t self cleaning.

That’s where Clearing comes in

Energy Clearing is a subtle, non-intrusive work, that allows someone else to “hold space” for you while your inner wisdom cleans house ridding you of what is no longer serving you, or your greatest good.

It’s like an Energetic car wash.

Clearing doesn’t just effect the Pigpen dust bunnies that we pick up off others and from the environment around us (though we do focus on that junk in particular during a clearing session) – it also clears your own old crap that you’ve been holding onto and playing out long beyond it’s usefulness (or maybe it never even was useful but you just can’t get rid of it).

It releases old pattens of thought and helps to shift belief systems that aren’t serving you anymore. It creates space around emotions, allowing you to recognize the difference between you and how you “feel”. It works to release patterns in behavior, to help pull you out of that rut that you know isn’t serving you but you haven’t been able to pull away from anyway.

It literally clears things away, it opens and lightens, it shifts and moves and invites flow in all kinds of ways in your life. It helps to move you beyond limitations that you may not have even known were there.

It Does What Needs Doing

Energy Clearing is kind of like hiring a cleaner. You may look at your house and have no idea what needs to be cleaned. I mean, that’s just the way things have always been. Then one day, you hire a cleaner and she doesn’t just wipe down counter tops and vacuum, she actually scrubs walls and baseboards, she clears the spiderwebs out of the corner that you didn’t notice till they were gone, she even sorts the junk under the sink. It’s her job to know what needs doing, and so she gamely goes about doing all the things we don’t notice or think of.

But we can see the difference once it’s done.

Clearing is like that. Neither you or I need to know what is going on (in fact, it helps if you leave out the details), or what the real problem is, clearing just scrubs what needs scrubbing all on its own. It’s cool like that.

The goal of Energy Clearing isn’t to heal you (though it can be a life saver when you are sick), it isn’t to make you happy (though it is invaluable when you feel like you are being drowned by emotion), it isn’t to make bad things stop happening or make sure things go the way you want (though it helps to ensure things go smoothly and for the best of all concerned). Clearing is about encouraging your Self to be in balance, because anything, once brought back into balance, will heal itself.

Clearing allows whatever needs to happen in your life, in a particular situation or moment, to happen.

It eases your way through life.

It’s elegent, simple, gentle – yet powerful.

Clearing FAQs

What HAPPENS In a Clearing?

Doing a full energy clearing takes me about 30 mins on average. When I clear I focus on different layers of energy at a time – you can clear for things like Chakras, or Auric layers if you wanted to – I clear based on the Five Element system, making it the perfect compliment to my other work. I clear each element on both the Physical level (which addresses the physical symptoms Chinese Medicine associates with each element) and Spiritual level (which addresses the deeper, or root, health of that energy in your system).

When I’ve cleared all of the layers I do some final work to allow those shifts to settle in and then ground all that energy.

Clearings can be done for more than just a person though, you can also request a clearing around a situation (usually something stressful, problematic, or that you just have a lot of expectations for), or of things (wedding rings, tarot decks, etc…) too. In those cases your clearing would also include a short personal clearing – one that doesn’t go through each of the layers, but releases your attachments to that Situation or Thing.

You don’t have to be present for a clearing – in fact, I normal do my clearings remotely. You may chose to set aside time to be quite, meditate, or do some form of self-care while I’m clearing, but that isn’t necessary either because clearing works with your subconscious wisdom not your conscious mind.

Once a clearing is done I’ll send you an email to tell you it’s finished and to share any experiences or intuitions that came to me during the work. It frequently happens that I feel, see, or know things while I clear, but not always. Sometimes all I know is that you’ve been cleared – the other things are just an occasional bonus.

Other times YOU may also feel, see, or intuit things while I’m clearing, but you may also have no idea I did anything. That’s normal too.

Who Needs a Clearing?

We all do.

Not one of us is completely in balance, perfectly happy, fully ourselves. We are all subject to the junk put out in the world around us (whether by the daily news, or the unhappy barista) and most of us don’t have a system for dealing with that. Most of us have never been cleared before and have years worth of dust bunnies (our own, and others) that we can afford to lose. (Imagine being energetic pounds lighter!)

I, personally, am cleared at least once a week and more frequently when specific things (like being sick, or my dog dying) come up.

How is Clearing different than other energy work like Reiki?

I have all kinds of respect for energy healing (and healers). I have friends who do Reiki – and I’ve studied it a bit myself – and know people who do all kinds of things. I love energy work, and I understand Energy Clearing to be an evolution of all that work.

In all other forms of energy healing the healer is manipulating energy in someway: they channel, they push, they pull, they tweak. When Clearing I do not attempt to manipulate your energy in any way. I do not hold an intent or do the work with any objective except that space be created for your Highest and Best good. In clearing I simply hold a space so that what is no longer serving you, or what is holding you back, can simply let go and slip away.

I do not need to tweak or move your energy because what can be released simply goes on it’s own. And I don’t need to channel any energy into you because nature not only abhors a vacuum it also is self-healing – which means all that pure, fresh energy will rush in on it’s own. The clearing allows your energy to come into balance in whatever way it needs to on it’s own.

This means that nothing that happens is going through the filter of me – so your energy work is unflavored by who I am. It also means that it has nothing to do with what I think is best, or what I think should happen, and allows what your Spirit truly needs to happen to happen. Which to me feels so much more powerful.

What if I have good things mixed up with the bad/stuck things?

Not to worry. Clearing allows negative, stuck, or blocked energy to clear – it’s goal is to bring you back into energetic balance – it does not scrub, or polish, or in anyway pull away any of the good energy, memories, lessons, or feelings. Basically, it creates a space that invites what’s in resonance with You to shine and what isn’t in resonance with your true nature to leave. The “not good or useful for you” leaves and everything else remains.