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Let’s Get Connected

We love to hear from people; We love hearing your questions, your opinions, and we especially love when you contact us because you want to hire us (that’s what we’re here for after all, people)! So, go ahead, shoot us a line.

You can email me at: megan at limitlessliving dot caDon’t be afraid to send me nice long essays, I really do love to talk to you.

You’ll find me on Twitter at: LimitlessMegan and on Facebook as Limitless Megan, too. Twitter is by far the most reliable way to reach me through social media though.

If you aren’t into all that electronic communication, or you just can’t wait for me to get around to answering you then you can always:

Call me: 289-969-1060 or hey, you might even try Skyping me at LimitlessMegan (on the off chance I’ve actually remembered to turn it on).

Or send me your lovely letters (who doesn’t love mail?) in the post to:
116 Arthur St.
St. Catharines, ON
L2M 1H7

And if I’m not answering fast enough, why not try all of the above? Hey, at least I’ll know you really want to talk to me!

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