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40 Ways to Delight in Myself and My Body

Last night I was thinking about the challenge that Blisschick gave us for for Lent and getting all excited about the idea when I realized, quite clearly, that just wanting to take part isn’t enough. I know better than anyone (I like to think, but we can argue that point later) that if it’s nothing more than an idea in my head the whole forty days will slip by before I remember that I actually wanted to DO something.

I decided that if I really wanted to participate in this Dare then I need to make it more than an idea, I need to make it an active intention; that is to say, I need to plan for it!. So, this morning during my journal time I sat down and wrote out 40 simple activities that I could do to honour this challenge and be sure that I truly invest myself in it for the entire forty days.

The idea is that each day I will pick one activity off the list and do it that day; at the end of the day I cross it off the list just to ensure that I explore as many ideas as I possibly can. Here’s my list:

1. Swing (I love swings!!)
2. Go for a Swim at the spa
3. Get a Massage
4. Go for Earcandling appointment (something I’ve been putting off…)
5. Have intentional S*x (with my husband of course!)
6. Walk
7. Yoga
8. Crank the music and Dance
9. Have a Bath with salt and essential oils
10. Get my Hair done
11. Buy some new (sexy) underwear
12. Buy (and eat) a Pineapple
13. Do a Grounding exercise
14. Reiki
15. Moisturize my whole body
16. Go for a Long Walk (1 hour +)
17. Paint Fingers and Toes
18. Drink more Water
19. Remember my Vitamins
20. Eat 2 extra Fruits and Veg today
21. Deep breathing for 10 mins.
22. Tell myself I’m beautiful 10x today – mean it!
23. Ask body what it wants today
24. Get foot rub from Wakizashi (might have to give one to get one!)
25. Start day with hot Tea
26. Make my favourite dinner
27. Low Carbs today… (this eating style makes my body happy…)
28. 10 mins. of Stretching
29. Check in with my Body 4x today
30. Buy something I Look Good In
31. Shave Legs
32. Do a Face Mask (yum, mud!)
33. Stand up, Stretch, Move for 5 mins. each hour
34. Eat when Hungry (small amounts)
35. Pose for Pictures (the kind only my husband will see)
36. Go Play!
37. Buy Slippers (I have cold feet!)
38. Get all my Stuff myself *
39. Up and Down Stairs 10x
40. 10 mins on Trampoline

* This one requires an explanation to make sense. We live in a three floor (plus basement) house, and I’m lazy… So, instead of going up and down the stairs I’ll get Wakizashi and the Kung Fu Master to do all my running around for me while I sit on the couch… shameless, yes I know…

My list is obviously intended to suit my own life and body, but you can feel free to steal as many activities off of it as you see fit (which means you have no excuses not to make your own list). But, maybe you’ll have other things that would better suit you. Should you, maybe, do a striptease? Get in a snowball fight? Go to that first lesson? Remember to eat breakfast?

Don’t forget the rules! The things you do are meant to be a delight to you, so only put fun things on. If you “should” be doing something, it doesn’t go on the list. (Remember this mantra: I will not should on myself.) This is your chance to explore, be brave, be dangerous, and to maybe, just maybe, accidentally trip over yourself just where you weren’t expecting her.

If you loved your body, and wanted above all else to pamper it, enjoy it, and honour it what would you do? Make your list of 40 Ways to Delight in Yourself and Your Body and join us for the 2010 Delight in Lent adventure!


p.s. If you don’t mind we’d love to see your list. Blog it, email it, whatever you like.


p.s. Forget Winter ~ Summer is coming. Summer of Money, that is. It'll be about money, but really, it will be about so much more than money!

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1 Christine (Blisschick) Reed { 02.17.10 at 1:40 pm }

I am loving this list, Megan, and will be responding to it in tomorrow’s blog post. 🙂

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